Differences between H1 and H2 Economics at A Niveau

Differences between H1 and H2 Economics at A Niveau Many believe that passing the A-levels indicates a higher level of intellect. That means subjects you’ll have to learn in junior college are going to be …

Differences between H1 and H2 Economics at A Niveau

Many believe that passing the A-levels indicates a higher level of intellect. That means subjects you’ll have to learn in junior college are going to be even more challenging than those you took in high school. This is normal, but it can be quite overwhelming to master the difference between H1 and subjects from H2. You might be wondering whether, particularly if you’ve made the decision to take Economics as an A-Levels course, what main differences in H1 and H2 Economics which one is right for you? We have all the answers for you.

H1 Economics

H1 Economics introduces you the realm of economics and all that is related to the creation consumption, distribution and production of wealth. It is recommended that you join H1 Economics if you are interested in the 3H2, 1H1 and 3H2 plans. While H1 Economics may not be as difficult as H2 Economics, it can still be quite a challenge to get grasp of the subject at the beginning. Regarding the papers and the weight of the course the case studies are given 70% weightage, while essays have 30 percent. Additionally, you will need to take H1 Economics, which requires you to attempt just two case studies, and one essay.

H2 Economics

It is claimed that a major portion of the information you acquire in H2 Economics is also included in H1 economics. In particular, about 80percent of the material you learn in H2 Economics is part of H1 Economics. The primary difference is how much each topic is covered. Although you can touch on many economic concepts and theories in H1 Economics but they will not be discussed as in depth like they are in H2 Economics. H2 Economics However, it focuses more on essays and not case studies, which is a departure from H1 Economics. If you choose to study H2 Economics, then you’ll need to complete two papers.

H1 Economics vs. Which one should you select?

It is up to you to decide if you would like to study H1 Economics or H2 Economics. Both subjects will require a lot of work. It is all about your talents and passions. If case studies are what you love doing and are a fan of doing them, then H1 Economics could be a good fit for you. If you’re not familiar with Economics this is a fantastic option. It could be an excellent introduction to help you understand the ABC of the subject.

On the other hand selecting H2 Economics would be the best choice if you like essays as they carry more weightage in the exam. Additionally H2 Economics has double the credit points H1 Economics offers since you have to attempt two papers instead of one. It makes it more challenging than the H1 equivalent. While H2 Economics covers many of the same subjects like H1 Economics, H2 Economics is more focused on providing thorough explanations of each topic. This is the reason why H2 Economics comes with a greater degree of difficulty than H1.

Final Verdict

Once everything is done, H1 and H2 Economics may differ in terms of depth. But both require a huge amount of effort to understand the concepts. Hence, neither of the subjects should be taken lightly. If you choose to take H1 or H2 Economics, the chances of acing the exam depend on the effort you put in and your tutor’s tutoring expertise. Signing up for JC Economics Tuition could make the difference.

You should also consider what interests you have in case studies and essays. This will affect how you do in the test. Although dedication and effort are crucial to passing the exam, it is essential to be interested in the subject and the way the questions are being presented. For students with a flair for writing and interest in essays H2 Economics is the ideal choice. H1 Economics could be the ideal choice for students interested in research projects. It depends on how hard students work to get their test passed.

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