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Desirable candidate for each Employer?

You need to have a wide range of job options to find the right job. Employers will prefer you. How do you achieve this? First, stand out among the other applicants with the same set merits. Most often, they are ambitious and goal-oriented candidates with a new diploma of higher learning. Many of them also have work experience.

They are friendly, happy people. You might find them a little bit like you. You need to identify your unique skill that is valuable to the employer. For example, multifunctional language knowledge.

Employers are always looking for the ideal employee and are in constant demand of good candidates. There are many job seekers out there, but very few of them are the “most in-demand candidates” with all the required qualities.

Every employer has dealt with both good and bad employees. Every employer knows what type of employee he wants. Let’s look at some principles that will allow you to be the most sought-after candidate on the job market.

Consider what you have to offer your dream company, and what you need to be a good candidate. You will need to convince your employer that you are serious about changing your profession or entering the labor marketplace for the first-time. In your recommendation letter and resume, highlight your desire to learn and your desire for development.

1. Be a leader

Leadership is not a position. You can be a leader at all levels of the company’s structure. It is all about how you work. Employers seek people who can lead at all levels.

How to get there:

* Observing other leaders in your organization is a great way to learn.

* Never be negative.

* Do not be afraid to assume leadership responsibilities when necessary.

* Participate in leadership seminars and trainings.

* Read articles and books about leadership.

2. Be an expert in your field

Employers are no longer looking for multidisciplinary candidates or employees. A specialist who is narrowly focused is more in demand than ever. You must have a unique skill.

There are two ways to get attention: professional contests and non-commercial projects. Despite the fact that there is a small professional community within any industry, most people will be aware of at least one significant activity. Join if there’s a way to solve unusual problems in your field for competitions, or for the mutual development of skills. Potential employers can see your work and invite you into the company.

How to get there:

* List all the activities that you are currently performing and choose one area where you would like to specialize.

* Once you have identified the area, search for the appropriate certification programs.

* Highlight your unique skills on your resume (taken a look at VistaCreate premade templates for CVs which will certainly help).

* Attend conferences and events related to your topic.

3. Be an inquisitive learner

Ronald E. Osborne once stated, “If it’s not possible to do more than you know how, you won’t grow.” This is a very pertinent statement in today’s labor market. There are many people competing for the same job today. To climb the corporate ladder you need to be curious. Ask questions, be curious and you will find the answers.

It is important to keep up with the latest trends in any field. This includes new bills, innovative technologies, techniques, current trends and more. You can keep up to date with professional trends by reading specialized publications, using specialized Internet resources and writing thematic blogs.

How to get there:

* Ask for more information in your industry.

* Learn self-study.

* Find answers using digital platforms

4. Play as a member of a team

Human capital is the real asset of any business. Your interpersonal skills will make it easier to climb the career ladder. If you can work well in a team, you will be a highly sought-after candidate for any job. You must possess qualities like generosity, understanding, leadership, communication, and other skills that will make you a team player.

How to get there:

* Show compassion for others.

* Pay attention how you interact and react to the team.

* Prioritize your team’s interests over your own.

* Get honest feedback to find out what needs to be improved.

5. Take a look at the future

Employers look for people who have a vision and a goal for their company. These are some tips to help you think more ahead.

How to get there:

* Listen to your customers and employees. This will allow you to identify their challenges and create a plan to overcome them.

* Remember that negativity is the enemy of creativity.

* Be positive and use the right words


You will be a valuable employee and a skilled specialist if you are able to pump your candidacy in line with these parameters. It is not enough to have one skill in today’s labor market. Competition forces applicants to discover their unique strengths. You will find the job you want if you are able to highlight and play on your strengths.

Your employer will be more confident if you have more people who can offer you a professional assessment. These could be former bosses, business partners or clients. It is important that they are able to assess your professional activities and are available for it.

Today’s market demands quick and flexible solutions. Traditional long-term employment is losing popularity. This will lead to more flexible employment options. Companies will also employ freelancers and independent contractors, in addition to permanent employees. The market will also need professionals. To improve their business productivity and innovation, companies will continue to look for highly skilled and efficient employees.



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